What does the Uniform Represent?

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

The uniform of an officers represents safety, pride, and honor. What happens when one of those three characteristics are abused? Are we being protected the right way or are we being cheated as American citizens?

Police brutality has become a topic that makes us wonder are we investing in the right things. The criminals that we are afraid of aren’t really the true criminals anymore.

Journalism professor Todd Smith held a round-table forum with two Texas Southern male students, local businessman, and community activist Quanell X to discuss the topic and opinions about the concluding result. Opinions and beliefs started to hit the fan about feelings towards not only police but the actions of the community.

We as citizens set people in office or high positions hoping they have the mind set to protect us. Now we see that everyone isn’t for the good of man. Its a strange world when law enforcement becomes the attacker instead of the protector.

You can relate this to a high school bully. A bully will constantly pick on the small until the small begins to react.

“The same people we pay to protect us from criminals, are in fact criminals themselves. The community has to stand up and get together to show the police that they are not above the law,” Quanell X expressed.


  1. Michael Berryhill says:

    This is opinion writing. Do some reporting. Leave the opinion out….


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